Dear all,

Please read the preceding mail and the attached articles, which are inspiring.


滿道 張棪祥 Mandu James YC Cheung


Dear all,

Recently, i have done some study on soy beans and surprisingly find out that most of the soy beans produced is not consumed directly by human beings (more than 90%).

Wonder if you know that grains become the most common feed for cows, pig, chicken and fish.  This brings disateral effect to the environment and to the "food crisis".

It’s so happened that i received the newsletter from Worldwatch which talks about this issue lately. Would like to share them with you.

The following 2 articles focus on livestock and climate change.

The followings are abstrract from the articles.

"The Lancet—likely the most well-respected health journal in the world—published a study declaring that eating less red meat can help curb climate change"

Please note that fish farming also uses a lot of grains for feed, so we should not only cut down red meat.

Researchers at the University of Wales, for example, are looking at how introducing different grasses—what ruminants are meant to eat—into cattle diets can help reduce methane emissions.

or you can read more articles directly from the world watch website:

Eat less meat, stay healthy and green